Can a Christian celebrate Onam ?

If you have ears to hear, hear it, eyes to see , see it, heart to preceive , understand it what the truth is about this subject.

Onam- Commonly believed to be the Festival of harvest . It is justifed by saying that this festival is celebrated by farmers during the harvest of their crops. Onam is one such, same as Thanksgiving in US. So it is and was celebrated regardless of the religion even by those who are not farmers.

But if its root is traced back, we know that Onam purely is hindu religious belief and we see it contradicts to the holy bibles view about Gods Kingdom & dead spirit visitation etc., There cannot be & never will be a human ruler other than the root of Jesee, the seed of David, Jesus Christ the Messiah who can give a Kingdom full of Joy, Prosperity & Gods rule .and what we see now that the Christians those who never read the bible the way it teaches,finds excuse to indulge in heathen practices, without for a moment considering God will in such practices-I am ashamed of so called christians who have becomes slaves of the worlds disobedient spirt, if at all they were saved, as we see in the bible that Israel (God choosen) mingled with the heathens culture, even so many Christians have been deceived by so called scholars who seek popularity of masses than God approval.
Even as the Onam, strong belief that Mahabali(dead man) was granted a day in a year where he can return to Kerala to visit his people which is onam is purely demonic & cult ideas, which God of the bible dont stand for, but the present teachers & scholars of christianity(P.hd ) are more wiser and better counselor than God, to direct the people to blaspheme the pure truth of Gods revealed word. I beg all the God fearing Christians to abstain from such practices which directly or indirectly we endorse the devils ideas & deception, which can in a long run ruin your relationship with the true & holy living God.
Bible teach that the after death,Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God Who gave it (Ecclesiastes 12:7).
Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward? (Ecclesiastes 3:21).
And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews9:27)
Nobody once dead, comes back as spirit, or in any other form, to visit the living (earth). Demons ofcourse do duplicate & make many to believe the other way, with his skillful, crafty lies. Beware, dont belivein lies, in Gods revealed truth, its safe for us.
Exodus 23:32-33
32 You shall make no covenant with them, nor with their gods. 33 They shall not dwell in your land, lest they make you sin against Me. For if you serve their gods, it will surely be a snare to you.”

Well christians , you may say we are not at all dealing with theirs so called gods when we prepare variety of food & join with world to rejoice, well let you heart decide what you choose, (excuse to choose death, faith to choose life)

I say, cook hundreds of such foods on other days, but don’t enter into the trap of such spirits which is even trying to devour the elect if possible.

I can point so many bible scriptures, but here I want to just say one thing, don’t sell your birth right, the inheritance which God in his mercy & grace has given us in Jesus christ ,if you are really Born of God. though Its free, but not cheap. Don’t be conformed to the world, indulging in their beliefs & faith, rather be renewed in your mind to know what the Lords wants from you.(God will)
Just for information WhatOnam really stands for go through below details:-

Onam is a Festival that is Celebrated in Kerala ,a state in India. In India the states are mainly divided according to Languages and culture. KERALA belong to a southern state where the Language is Malayalam. Kerala there is 13 districts and 3 main religions (Hindus, Christians, Muslims).

Onam the Religious story:

Onam History Manly related to Hindu Religion, But now the Festival has become State Festival and all religions celebrate it. Malayalees believe that once upon a time the king Mahabali was ruled Kerala. Mahabali was the grand son of Prahaladha who was one of the greatest devotee of lord Vishnu. His Fathe hiranyakshipe was against God and He claimed he is ultimated god and every body should worship him. Prahaladha the only son of the king Hiranyashibu defied his father and told him that lord Vishnu stays in even in pillars and rust. An angry hiranyakashibu cut the pillar saying let me see your Vishnu inside the pillar. And Vishnu emerged from pillar as in the form of Narashimham (half Man-half lion form). Vishun is taken Narashimham form as Hiranyakashibu got a blessing early from Lord Shiva that no man or no animal will be able to kill him.

Mahabali was grown on the laps of his grandfather prahaladha and became very religious and devotee to Lord Vishnu. Subsequently he has become the ruler of their kingdom which keralites believe is Kerala. When Mahabali ruled over Kerala it was said as the Golden time in Kerala history. No body ever starved and there was no beggar in the streets. There was no fake measurements or no body used to lye. As the Mahabali name Spread his power as king as well as his spiritual power as good person started growing up. By this Lord Indra who is the king of Heaven got afraid and He thought His Position as King of heaven will Loose to mahabali who looks more eligible for that position. So he consulted the sage naradha and prayed to Lord Vishnu to save his position.

Vishnu takes Vamana avatar

As Vishnu was very pleased with his devotee Mahabali, and he knows that Mahabalies earthy days are over, he accepted Indras request. He promised Indra that he will do the needful. As Lord Vishnu want to bless Mahabali as well as end his earthy days as it is almost completed. He also knows that Mahabali got selfpride of himself since he believe his the best king in the world and he is always having blessings of Lord Vishnu. If he dies in this state his self-pride will stop him to attain the eternal position after his death. So he is taken the form of small brahmin boy (called vamana avatar) and visits Mahabali. Mahabali as usual too proud of himself asks the boy what you want. The boy replied him Oh King I just needed 3 feet of land to sit and pray. Mahabali offered him more land but boy stayed with his request of 3 feet land. And Mahabali granted him and asked him to measure the three feet of land himself.

Once Mahabali agreed for his request Vamana(Lord Vishnu) grown himself to the Universal form. And with One foot he measured all earth, and with second foot he measured Heaven, and sky. Then he tolled to the Mahabali there is no land left to keep his third foot. Mahabali who recognized that vamana is none other than Lord Vishnu and he was so much ashamed of himself about his self-pride as he can not full fill one boys request for3 feet of land. He understood that lord Vishnu has emerged himself to kill his self-pride and to purify him. So he humbly asked the Lord to keep his 3rd foot on his head. Pleased with his obedience Lord Vishnu granted him the rule of Pathalam (The world under earth) and Promised him the King of heaven after the Indras Period. He also granted him a day in a year where he can return to Kerala to visit his people which is onam. And he pressed Mahabali to pathalam (world under earth). Even thought Kerala has become poor afterwards the Malayalees will some how celebrate Onam with flowers, and with lot of food on Onam so that their beloved king will think that Kerala is still prosperous like the days he ruled the country. Now a days Onam is celebrated along with leopard dance all over kerala where people will dress up like leopard and dance in front of a leopard hunder who dressed up as leopard hunder with gun and Boat races all over kerala

Its Purly Hindu religious belif & celebration, which a separated Christians cannot mingle with it.

Remember this flowers & hindu worship articles when you eat & celebrate ONAM